Smart Mall - Existing innovation in a new robe

IoT, localization based services, Big Data solutions – they are with us 2 years now at a rough estimate, but their existence were isolated for the time being, until now. Our team hopes to launch a new and exciting concept by leaving the startup status, and then innovation can remind people of the company.

StrayLamb has given the honor to create a new mobile application , with a detailed administration panel and an innovative localization based solution for one of the most biggest and famous Mall in Hungary, Westend City Center. Our team is full of colorful and easy-going individuals – not to mention a usual Margarita Friday - and this is the reason why we would have wanted to develope something very unique experience that is brand new for the audience. We have decided to create a GPS-like experience but in-door, where the GPS signal cannot received anymore. Once the base of the idea was determined, more and more ideas, opportunities came into the picture: let’s create the mini-UBER’s, mini-Facebook’s and no one knows what mini-APPS’ funcionalities into our solution. However, WestEnd City Center and Straylamb contended (for the first phase, of course – the editors) with the functionality of real-time navigation inside the Mall and with the knowledge of the Info Terminals. Of course, everything is based on our indoor localization solution.


We established our BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons througout the entire area of the shopping Mall’s 60.000 m2. With the help of these tiny devices we had the chance to create a real-time navigation solution indoor, with a smart phone application. We’ve had a long and hard work to develope and manufacture the beacons and of course, create the software to communicate with them – it was difficult but so worth it. One thing for sure: it is hard to find a solution like that not just in Hungary, but even in Europe, so we are very proud of our achievements in the topic of localization.

These are our very owned and perfectly shaped BLE beacons,

...but there are hard times as well.


Because of the tight schedule, after the office work we’ve changed our outfit from stylish to a comfy working dress and go from Székesfehérvár to Budapest to manufacturing the little beacons during night time. After lots of trial and testing processes and of course, failures our products were ready to get their places on the walls of WestEnd City Center in a matchbox sized container.

The indoor localization in combat.

Functions and plans

So, the main functionality of the application is to find our interests in WestEnd – no matter if it is a store, restaurant, the common location of our programs, dress, jewel etc., the one that matter is to find it with the help of the application. One thing is strictly clear now: we can’t stop the development of the app, we need to work on to create more and more functionality, gaming factors and to fine tuning the algorythm of the localization to give a better experience for our users. If you visit Budapest recently, go to WestEnd city Center and give the applicaton a shot.

Best regards: StrayLamb Team

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