StrayLamb - Our Implemented Solutions I.

Previously - in our former article (Existing innovation in a new robe) - we have wrote an overview about StrayLamb’s innovative Retail focused solution from the development process until the further plans. In this post we focus on the use cases of in-door navigation and positioning in the industry. We will present this topic through an existing project.


Once upon a time… a very big and prominent industrial logistical company has have seek a solution to reorganize and get a clearer and nearly automatized view about their trailer truck traffic across the 9 hangars wide logistical center. Not to mention that the former administration process have needed to revisited because the entirely manual procedure leads so many failures. The main goal was to make easier the dispatchers’ life while the spent time on the loading process is getting minimized as possible. Fortunately, we have get the chance to present our DEMO solution during real circumstances which leads us to a full scoped project.

Process description

In very briefly: StrayLamb’s Yard Management System is able to phisically tracking of moving objects with the help of BLE beacons. The beacons are easily portable and the attached information that stored inside the beacon’s chip (ID, unique product information, personalized data) can be changed remotely. They can be placed on moving objects, vehicles (forklift, truck etc.) and over the top of monitoring their movement we can say the actual position of products with precize location information and real-time visualization (2D/3D perspective. The Yard Management System is able to automaticly plan the optimal (loading) task scheduling pay respect to the actual status of the loading places (available/busy) and the order of the objectives assigned to the vehicle.

Our 3D visualized software to help the working processes


To maximize the efficiency of the arised information we’ve created an E-ink device combined with the BLE beacons of ours to send notifications and future tasks for the truck drivers.

The plan of our own manufactured E-Ink design