Smart Location Management System

Detection of working machines and workstations for more efficient production and safer work.

The Straylamb team is developing solutions and applications for industrial (and logistical) operators, with whom - by recruiting a single segment, workflow, and work area - coupled with the customer's ERP system, they can make everyday work more efficient, more effective and real-time tracking for.

Using Bluetooth Low Energy in the Industry

Development of Smart Location Management by Straylamb Ltd. With our individually-identified BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) encoders and data center readers and central units, we build on location-based positioning for workstations, presence in the work area, current occupancy (loading, and time data) and make the activity even safer (logging, even offline) with easy-to-see, yet spectacular visualization.

DEMO visualization

If location-based Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology can not be used, Straylamb will also investigate the applicability of RFID, but there is a case where BLE can be much better suited to the specific technical and financial needs of a particular customer - based on our experience, BLE additional features and expandability make it more intuitive to use Bluetooth technology.

In the autumn of 2017, we were able to demonstrate the above Smart Location Management development in a strong position as one of the prominent players in the domestic industry segment, with respect to the results of our customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Smart Location Management:

  • Increases efficiency and security
  • Reduce costs
  • Provides Time Management support
  • Provides real-time positioning
  • Improved workstation utilization
  • The flow of information is easier and faster
  • Provides an opportunity to gradually leave the paper-based administration