Optimization for industrial and logistical processes

StrayLamb designed a special service for the industrial area which is included an intelligent and automated stock and material handling, invent and monitoring different tools and vehicles with the optimization of indoor and outdoor navigation and utilization.

How does it work?

To locate different objects- wether we speak about valuable units, small vehicle or truck- we use our own designed product to determinate them- which based on BLE 4.0 transmitters. We use UWB technology for high precision indoor positioning, while GPS receivers used as a part of hybrid system in the case of outdoor service is needed.

Material handling monitoring

- We fix a unique identifier-BLE transmitter-to the pallet packings (item number, type of material, etc.)
- Self, wall receivers can be collected for proper positioning
- In case of RFID technology we need more information: not only the place and date of the arrived materials is familiar, but the current position within the warehouse/stock.
- The position of the movement of goods and vehicles can be viewed through our own designed system, called CRM.
- Decreasing administration and more effective stock activities

Trailer Yard Management System

- The avaibility of truck traffic passing trough logistical area and loading ramps
- With the help of BLE identification we determinate the real time position of vehicles
- Relief used routes with process optimization
- Sending notification with a mobile app or via E-ink display to the drivers

Anti-theft and permission checking

- Inventory of monitoring in real time, establish schedules
- Assign tasks to the right person
- Security alert in the case of a conflict of interest
- Automatic task request
- Activity logging

Full statistic and register/record

- Access to database to allow for specific queries
- Data model and data export options for your requirements
- Real-time and detailed reports by using filters to retrieve the needs

What is included in the service?

- Real time positioning of the product or goods

- Real time vehicle tracking

- Warehousing and inventory processes automation

- Detailed reports and statistics

- Displaying interactive map

- Wireless information tools (Eg.: E-ink display) fixed on pallets, packings, vehicles

- Opportunity of the integration to the existing ERP system and stockpiling software

What do we offer?

- In the case of your interest we offer a free on-site survey to your company than our collegues will immidiatelly prepare a customized offer for you
- Flexible system setup, warehouse and inventory processes without interrupting
- Full maintenance and operation of the undertaking during the service agreement

What are the advantages of StrayLamb?

- Integration with the existing systems
- To make smart current processes and automatization
- Predictable monthly costs
- Giving support
- Operation

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