StrayLamb – Experiences at a car manufacturer

There is not an every day opportunity for a young development team to show their developments and ideas to a multinational corporation and - we can say that for sure – to originate a fruitful working relation with it. Let come the Industry 4.0 in StrayLamb way!

IoT - Internet of Things

We have already showed our own developed and manufactured BLE beacons in Retail use (Existing innovation in a new robe) and during a special logistical use case (Trailer Yard Management System) but we can’t stop here. Let’s go in order: the IoT (Internet of Things) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables these objects to connect and exchange data. This topic is an unavoidable one beyond doubt. These innovations are moving forward the producing, optimizing the energy consumption and eventuate quicker procceses in a game changer way. As we showed it through the upper example we have very close experiences with this topic.r.

The setback

We got the chance to present our system to a car manufacturer in Hungary and show it’s real benefits in two ways. The main concept for the first way of demonstration was to re-create indoor logistical movements in an interactive way in cooperation with the manufacturer’s workers: we put our BLE beacons into security hats and marked them with vinyls represents three kind of moveable object – workers of the industry, forklifts and pallets. We placed access points across the presentation area, configure our server to work with input datas from the beacons and wait for the participants to check-in the room. When they reached the first zone a complex visualization appeared on the wall-hanged screen and welcomed by name the participants. After that it’s purpose was to present (in pure data form and visually, as well) the movements of the workers, goods and plattenwagens through the industrial environment with the help of the BLE technology. In previous we established the 3D copy of the available environment of the DEMO area, sliced it into three units (A, B and C areas) and through the extended monitor we were able to show the visual representation of the movements of the „objects” across the area. Of course, the real result is far more important than just collecting location information. With these datas, we are able to log the path, the distance and monitoring the empty-line in time as well. When you attach a beacon to a moving object you can determine – with the help of real time location information – it’s optimal route. That means you can collect and optimize collection routes, monitoring forklift usage and optimize warehouse arrangement. With all this information and for example by the identification the bottlenecks you can reduce energy consumption – but this is just one example of use cases.

3D dashboard

The 2nd demonstration

After we succesfully managed with this demonstration our next step was to extend this solution to a way larger area of Incoming Goods hangar and use it in real industrial circumstances. It was mixed network based on UWB and BLE technology. The size of the hall was larger than 20k quadratmeter. We had some goals over there like review the movement of forklifts, check the position of the pallet. Tags were sent information every seconds, it means after the demonstartion we had really big database. With this solution we can analize the traffic on the used ways and present it on our very 3D panel. Of course our software give possibility to check the methods real-time. With theese information we give a chance to controll automatically or re-calculate the direction of the vehicles filtered by the fastest and shortest way. On the other hand - from safety perspective - we are able monitoring the position of the cargos. It means that we can send alarm message if someone moves the goods without the proper rights. On the virtual reality software panel the administrator could review any process anywhere. For example the working times of the drivers, find missed goods. Administrator can see where are the co-workers, they can send SOS message to the dispatcher as well.

Plattenwagen in the Incoming Goods hangar

We have succesfully managed these tasks and since we are frequent guests of the company – we are all-in on to show the benefits and opportunities of Industry 4.0 through our Digitalization & Control Theory workshops and trainings.