StrayLamb – Digitalization WorkShop & Control Theory

For the new industrial revolution we are holding corporate trainings for our partners, where we try to present new types of factory processes in a playful way. Every event takes in a very uplifting mood and get thoughtful interests from the attendees. Usuallly our team gets very useful tips from older and more experienced technicians – it is a very great feeling that we can navigate through this exciting and special world these people.

LEGO MindStorm EV3

Thanks to the platform and robots of LEGO MindStorm we create and build a fully operational manufacturing/logistical supply chain from the arriving of the materials to the load out of the final product. The attendees – in working groups - have to solve the multiple levels of problems and accompany the process with programming automated and semi-automated commands using sensors and actors attached to the LEGO robots. Of course the unique solutions by each working groups is needed but the coworking is also very important to create a self-propelled process – just like in the case of a real Industry 4.0 installation.